I can't wait….

We have some huge news cooking. It’s news that our employees and customers and partners will love, but unfortunately news that our competitors will hate. But that brings up the question of who are Nimsoft’s competitors?

We think of the market as having 4 tiers…

1st – the Big Four (BMC, HP, IBM, CA) – they actually capture about 65% of all the spend in the performance and availability monitoring space. Probably should add Microsoft into this tier – not a very broad soution but they’ve got the scale. Does size matter?

2nd – The Challengers. Companies that are established and successful – knocking on the door of the big four.

3rd – Point solutions – there are tons of them. Most of them take an open source tool, wrap some code around it and call themselves a software company.

4th – Open source itself – an important part of the market, but not one that we think that large companies will bet their infrastructure on.

So…who do we compete with? Well, in most cases we are competing with the Big Four. Nimsoft is well and truly in the Challenger tier, and probably joined in that tier by companies like NetIQ (Attachmate), Smarts (EMC), Quest but almost nobody else. Most other providers are in the Point solution category and I expect the majority of those companies to fail within the next few years. I recently heard that Groundworks had some pretty major layoffs….true or not?

We’re in to our quarter end at the moment, but this year we have Easter to contend with as well. Clearly the Easter Bunny does not have a quarterly quota to meet :)

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