Nimsoft for Managed Service Providers continues to gain momentum

Congrats to the new customers that came on board today.

Of these, we had 4 new Managed Service Providers that we welcomed to Nimsoft. The Managed Service Provider market continues to show good strength and it feels as though Nimsoft is established as the monitoring solution of choice for MSPs that have scale or are looking to grow their business.

After all, we know this market very well and we know how great our product is.

In conjunction, we announced GA on the new version of our Service Delivery Portal and also a new version of our Unified Reporting solution.

Lots more product releases over the next few days and our major announcement coming up in a couple of weeks.

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  1. Hosting says:

    [...] Nimsoft for Managed Service Providers continues to gain momentum … [...]

  2. Damian says:

    In your opinion, how does the NIMSOFT reporting offering compare to Kaseya. I’ve just started a new job where I will be recommending Monitoring and reporting tools. I’m familiarising myself with the available tools.

  3. Damian,

    Reporting is a Nimsoft differentiator, and will be a differentiator for your business as well. You’ll win and retain more customers with Nimsoft reporting because it is visually impressive and comprehensive; your prospective clients will say “I want reports like that!” With Nimsoft your customers get the personalized views they want, and you get the views you need to deliver unbeatable service quality. The built in report designer is what makes this possible, and I’m always amazed at our customer’s creations.

    So the presentation of information is a key advantage, but another is the volume and type of information that can be displayed in Nimsoft reports. With Nimsoft you’re able to monitor many more technologies than competitive solutions and do so in much deeper fashion—this monitoring breadth and depth presents a growth opportunity in that you’ll never be limited in the types and sizes of businesses you can pursue as prospective clients. With the Nimsoft Unified Monitoring Portal (that you can brand as your own) you can report on the status of your customer’s on premise servers, network devices, applications and databases, as well as external services such as SaaS and cloud computing.

    I strongly encourage a close look at Nimsoft for your managed services business!

    Ken Vanderweel
    Marketing Director – Service Providers

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