Blogging on blogging

I’m really feeling flattered this last week.

First Joe Panettieri at MSPmentor compliments this blog. Check it out here

Then, it also got picked up by Ryan Shopp at IT Knowledge Exchange here

Kind of amazing because I really have no idea what blogs are meant to be. I’ve never read a book on it and this blog is purely my thoughts. I talk about Nimsoft because I’m excited about what we are doing and passionate about this space but Joe has it spot on; it’s not controlled by marketing (sometimes they get frustrated with me talking about news before they officially release it) or anyone else. Sometimes being the CEO has its benefits.

But, I do notice that pretty much anyone that interviews with us has read the blog. I hope it gives people a good sense for who I am, who Nimsoft is and the culture of the company.

Time to go…

PS I was on a plane yesterday, got the MacBook Air out to do some work, and the lady next to me oohed and ahhed. Turns out that she worked for Apple but had never seen an Air close up. Is this really a laptop that I’m talking about.

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