Life in the Big City

Visited with a potential new MSP yesterday and I realized something. The reason that I love doing business with MSPs is that they are such great people. They run their own business, the discussion is not around feature/function but much more around how can Nimsoft help them to grow their business.

It’s like I’m sitting across the table from different versions of myself. Successful individuals that have built their business and built it based on delivering a quality service to their customers.

Also met with many of my new colleagues at CA in business review meetings. I, and some of our lead technical guys are going to spend a few weeks investigating whether their are value added offerings that we can bring to our customers by leveraging some of the extensive portfolio of CA.

What’s great is that nobody is pressuring us. We’re being allowed to look around and define what areas make most sense for our customers and decide whether we wish to make use of those areas.

We also managed to fit an all day (actually all night) Webex to our European customers to try to compensate a little for postponing Nfluence this week because of the travel situation in Europe.

Now…on Virgin America (I love these guys) flying back to SFO, staying in airport hotel, then start tomorrow with a b/fast meeting at 7.30am. I’m definitely going to try and get home a little early tomorrow afternoon… night maybe!

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