Thousands of miles away?

I have spent the last week of my vacation in England and more precisely at my parents home in Upminster. For those that are not aware (most), Upminster is a small, non descript suburb on the East of London and the most famous thing to come from Upminster was the rock singer Ian Dury (remember “Hit me with your Rhythm Stick” – a classic in its day).

Anyhow, on the last day I noticed the headline of the local paper where the article was about a gentleman that actually lived about 400 yards away from my parents. In typical English style, it was sensationalist “85 YEARS IN US JAIL” – I since noticed others “DRAGGED TO THE US IN CHAINS”.

On reading the article, I realized that the individual in question was Jeremy Crook, who used to be VP Europe for Peregine Systems. The US government in trying to extradite Jeremy to face allegations of accounting fraud at Peregrine between 1998 and 2001. This is making national news in the UK – see The Daily Telegragh.

Anyhow, I have no idea on his innocence of guilt but it does remind me that part of my duty as CEO of Nimsoft is to ensure that this kind of accounting fraud never happens to our company or investors. We have been and will always be squeaky clean – if we miss our numbers we will own up to it and correct the problems, if we beat our numbers we will celebrate our successes.

PS Did I mention that our CFO is due to start with the company on October 2nd? A huge welcome to Mark who will become a key part of the management team very quickly.

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