More action in this space

An interesting week last week. BMC putting their hands in their pockets to the tune of $800m to acquire Bladelogic. Kind of a shame really because I thought that Bladelogic were competing very effectively with HP/Opsware and it looked like they could stay independent and grow. One silver lining for me is that I owned stock in Bladelogic so at least that was good.

By the way, I don’t consider myself a stock tipping expert at all, but I have done OK by buying stock in systems management companies that I believe are destined to be acquired. The latest one that I *may* buy would be Quest Software…..if their CEO continues with his SEC problems and is forced to leave the company, I would suspect that they would sell the business, much like what happened to Mercury Interactive a while back.

Anyhow, the other item that happened last week was SolarWinds filed to go public. Their business model is just incredible – they spend a really low amount on any R&D activities and sales activities and as such, make a huge profit. Really in the “stack it high and sell it cheap” business – and they do a very good job of executing. Watch for that IPO, it’s going to get a very large market value.

1 more week in the quarter and lots more business for us to do. It’s that time again….

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