Finally…an update from CA World

So sorry. I have been so busy that I’ve been unable to post any updates, but this evening I feel compelled to do so.

First, Nimsoft on Demand. It rocked it. We did the full turn-up from nothing to discovered and monitored in less than 30 minutes (actually we clocked it at about 8 minutes). The audience in the session loved the fact that we were brave enough to do it live with no safety net. That’s what happens when you have great product and great people – you have the confidence to demo live.

Also, in the first of the Nimsoft on Demand lab sessions, the audience gave a standing ovation at the end and our booths are inundated with potential customers (and CA employees) looking to learn more. Good publicity and it seems people are realizing how special this is.

Second, CA’s commitment to being the leader in mgmt for cloud is loud and clear. Every aspect of the company appears to be rallying behind the direction which for a company of this size is very impressive.

Third, and quite funny. I’ve lost count of the number of CA employees that have told me to “keep writing the blog in the same manner”. Special mention to the individual tonight that re-iterated this to me. It appears there are so many people that love the random postings of whatever is on my mind. I didn’t realize that so many people read this – I thought it was just me and my mum (actually my mum doesn’t know how to read blogs)

Fourth and final for now…more customer meetings tomorrow. Then red-eye to NY, presentation on Thursday and back to California late Thursday night.

And of course, cheering England for the World Cup warm up, the Sharks for the Stanley Cup and my Giants are doing pretty good in the baseball.

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