2 months into CA and…

So far so good I think would be my summary – we’re on a good path – still need to continue to focus on execution

Things that are exciting:

Asia Pacific, Latin America and other emerging markets. Localizing the product for these markets and we’ve already seen a ton of interest from Service Providers. Lots more engineering resources added to our team.

The level of relationships from the CA sales team. I can’t even calculate what the additional reach that we’ve just achieved compared to the size of the Nimsoft sales team – CA just have so many reps in so many great customers. And, the Nimsoft team is still going to focus on its core markets – MSPs being a huge focus.

Big, big Service Providers and Cloud Providers – met with many of them over the last week or two and they love our architecture. I can seriously foresee the day when Nimsoft could become a standard across Service Providers and they can share information with each other to provide higher levels of service to the end user.

Not so exciting:

Changing benefit plans (they are better, but it just takes work), payroll, figuring our procurement processes etc.

Standard stuff that is actually much better at CA than at Nimsoft, but I personally don’t like dealing with anything that takes me away from customers and product….just me I guess, but we need it to help us scale. Maybe that’s why my girlfriend calls me a diva (in the nicest possible way of course)….hmm, should I really be writing that stuff on a public blog?

BTW….we’re moving office next weekend….I can’t wait – our employees are going to love it.

Moving in party anyone? Of course….this is Nimsoft after all.

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