Major new customer win – SoftLayer

I mentioned recently that I felt that Nimsoft was on its way to becoming almost a standard among service providers – and while of course I am “talking it up”, I cannot tell you how excited I am with what is going on (I met with a large cloud provider this week, and they have also agreed to embed Nimsoft into their cloud product)

Each SP has unique characteristics in their business that they emphasis. They may specialize in customer size, customer vertical, particular platforms, flexible terms, enhanced support etc.

Nimsoft, unlike almost every other vendor that I am aware of, is flexible enough to listen to the Service Provider and then adjust our packaging and pricing accordingly. Some SPs want to “bundle” our first level of monitoring on every server and then upsell. Others, only want to deploy us on to their high value servers. Others still may want to focus on database monitoring.

Bottom Line (and this speaks to the 451 article I blogged yesterday), one size DOES NOT fit all. Software vendors have to be flexible to listen to their customers and adapt the pricing to fit. Now….there is a concept huh? LISTEN to your customer :)

Here is the first few lines of the release, full release can be found on of course

SoftLayer Chooses Nimsoft Monitoring Solution as the Standard Monitoring Platform for Managed Hosting Customers

    Initial deployment of over 25,000 systems will help increase performance and availability of cloud-based services and applications

    REDWOOD CITY, Calif.–May 26, 2010 – Nimsoft, a business unit of CA Technologies (NASDAQ:CA), today announced that SoftLayer, a leading provider of hosting and cloud computing solutions, will standardize on the Nimsoft Monitoring Solution (NMS) to offer enhanced infrastructure and application solutions to its managed hosting customers. NMS will enable SoftLayer customers to benefit from tiered levels of monitoring, according to business needs.

    Initially, SoftLayer will deploy more than 25,000 systems, with the goal of increasing the performance and availability of hosted business applications.

    SoftLayer customers receive the same standard-level monitoring, which includes automated alerts and reporting on critical health indicators. NMS APIs feature bi-directional data integration into related IT service management applications, such as configuration management databases and service desks, enabling customers to easily integrate SoftLayer’s NMS-based management services into their own IT management environments.

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