Good to not be a public company right now otherwise….

I couldn’t tell you that we have had yet another amazing quarterly performance. We booked more business today than at any point in our history with many, many deals both with existing customers and new ones.

We did quite a few replacements as well with I believe NetIQ gaining the starring role this quarter as the most replaced product – they are fighting for that crown with HP.

Managed Service business was very strong with multiple new MSPs making commitments to Nimsoft – I don’t have the numbers yet but I suspect the MSP business will have grown as a percentage of our overall revenue. We’re not seeing any economic weakness yet….

And finally, last but not least, I am so happy because tomorrow we welcome on board our brand new VP Marketing who has joined us from another company in this space (I would say competitor but really we don’t compete with them much).

Brian….welcome… you know, you’re on your own for the first few days as I take a few days rest in Mexico before we continue redefining the Availability and Performance monitoring space with our upcoming announcements on April 8th.

Margarita time?

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