Blast from the past

Many thanks to Todd who sent me this email this morning. Can you believe it….December 2003, Converse Software – May 2010, CA.

I think that the only people in the US at the time were myself, Paul and Dan – let me know if I’ve got that wrong – and we’re all still here.

And yes, Shands became a customer of ours and in fact still are!

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How about the week of the 12th coming on site? Thursday?

>>> Gary Read 12/02/03 03:19PM >>>
Real nice talking with you, sounds like we’ve got a great product fit for you.

Anyhow, as mentioned, we could come onsite and demo to you; probably latter half of next week or we could do this over the web at any time.

Let me know a couple of dates/times that would work for you and I look forward to speaking with you soon.

PS Attached is a short write up on xxx that you may be interested in (not even sure that Tim has seen this)

Gary Read
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Direct: 650 570 5401 x102

Service Level Management…within reach

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