The news….

Well, the marketing people got me. They said that I wasn’t allowed to talk about this until today – this time I had to listen to them.

Anyhow, today, Nimsoft is announcing that it is acquiring Indicative Software of Ft Collins, Colorado.

This will turn out to be an extremely important development in the Performance and Availability Monitoring market. Why is that?

Simply because nobody, and I mean nobody, is mounting a meaningful challenge against the cost and complexity of the large incumbents. Sure…their are plenty of point solutions out there but how many companies can truly say that they address all of the disciplines of performance and availability monitoring, can do so in a heterogenous environment and with the scalability and reliability demanded by some of the largest IT environments in the world as well as being simple enough for small and medium sized environments.

Leading analysts define the disciplines that make up Performance and Availability Monitoring as:

Network Monitoring
Server Monitoring
Database Monitoring
Application Monitoring
End User Response Time Monitoring
Service Level Monitoring
Business Service Management

Nimsoft already covered most of these extremely well, but there are two major areas being added with the Indicative products. First – “passive” end user response time monitoring. Not just the ability to issue synthetic transactions but also the ability to watch the “real” traffic from real users and measure the response time of that. I’ll blog another time about when to use passive and when to use active/synthetic – but they are for solving different issues and we will be able to offer both.

The second area is Business Service Management. We decided that the big guys had had this space to themselves for too long and they needed someone to shake it up a little by providing easily implemented and easily managed products with a low cost of ownership. We intend to make Business Service Management “within reach” just as we have done with the other disciplines.

This deal is a huge win for both Nimsoft and Indicative customers. We will continue to support and develop both products and all customers will benefit from our ability to re-use technology from one product in the other (e.g. the Best in Class agent-based data collectors that NimBUS has that we will look to make available to Indicative customers to compliment the existing agent-less capabilities).

Anyhow, today I will be speaking to all our customers and we will be hosting a welcome reception for the former Indicative employees. I am looking forward to both events.

Oh, and before you ask, yes, almost every Indicative employee will be joining Nimsoft. A couple of people won’t but pretty much everyone else will…..we are really looking forward to fighting the good fight together.

Remember….some companies promise….we deliver!

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