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Didn’t want this blog to only be about the World Cup, although I did see an interesting research note from Goldman Sachs this morning, discussing whether the distraction of the World Cup would have an impact on technology results this quarter.

We are now into the last couple of weeks of the quarter and as usual things are heating up for everyone. The sales team has a lot of business to get finalized, the engineering team are working hard to meet their quarterly deliverables and the technical teams are deployed all over the place with customers.

One of the big successes this quarter is our “placement center”.

This is a program where we utilize the skills and experience of our MSP partners, to deliver consultancy services to other customers. This not only provides our customers with access to top quality consultancy and services capabilities, but provides our MSP partners with a good additional source of business.

In fact in this quarter, which is the first full quarter we’ve had this program running, we have delivered about a third of all Nimsoft services engagements via our MSP partners and the customer reaction has been tremendous.

We continue to make the product as easy to use as possible, but sometimes customers are looking for operational/procedural assistance.

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