3 more days in the quarter…

So much business left…..it’s going to be 3 really, really busy days.

Had some really exciting new customers last week including a large European hosting/managed service provider, another MSP in Ohio, and a large MSP in Louisiana. The MSP/hosting space continues to be very buoyant for us.

I met with the CEO of an MSP this last week who was using a mix of tools from multiple vendors.

He had been evaluating I think 5 different monitoring vendors and asked me “why doesn’t anyone provide a scalable monitoring solution for MSPs apart from Nimsoft?”. We talked about the security requirements, the scalability requirements, the need to support operation across public networks, the heterogeneity required etc.

Bottom line is that it is very very difficult to build a solution for these needs. When I see new vendors come into the space with flashy marketing materials, I always wonder how long it will take them before they realize how difficult it is. Don’t forget, Nimsoft has been developing and improving its products for about 10 years with some really smart engineers and then, I’ll be the first to admit, there are still many parts of Nimsoft that I’d like to be improved. We are continuing to increase our spending on R&D; when you’re in the lead, run faster!

Very excited for the England match. In some ways playing Germany is better for England than playing Ghana. England play better against more familiar opposition and of course Germany is one of the great rivalries for England. If we win, then probably a game against Argentina awaits which, ever since the Falklands and the Hand of God, is also a huge rivalry. I believe that we will beat Germany today….Argentina, hmm.

So, Germany, then Argentina, then Spain (or Portugal), then Brazil – that’s the likely path for England…that is #6, #7, #2 (or #3), #1 in the FIFA World Rankings – I think we will have earned it if we get there. I hope the team that played Slovenia and not the team that played Algeria shows up today.

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