What is the best compliment you can get?

Well, there are of course plenty of compliments that Nimsoft has received over the years. Other companies copying us….other companies tell the analysts that they are the “new Nimsoft”, customers telling us on multiple occasions that “we’re their best vendor/partner”…..there have been many.

But, we just received one that is very, very cool.

A individual that used to work for Nimsoft, as a senior member of the technical team – had recently joined an end user IT organization. That end user needed to procure a monitoring solution…so they did….and they procured Nimsoft.

When you’ve worked inside a software vendor, and you see first hand how they support their customers, and you see first hand how they develop their product and then you become a customer….it says a lot about the vendor.

What was that old line “I liked it so much that I bought the company” – well the product at least!

Thank you for your confidence (you know who you are) and see you in Europe next season.

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