Problems and how to deal with them

I’ve said it many times and heard it many more. The mark of a really good company is how they respond when their customers are having issues.

Nobody is perfect, every company in the world has customer issues….but the best companies respond rapidly, with the highest priority and focus on getting the customer satisfied.

Nimsoft lives by this. It happened recently, a large customer was about to go live with a huge roll-out and were struggling with a couple of areas. We dispatched our top folks, put them on site with the customer and had them sit there until the customer had successfully gone live, migrated off of their old solution and are highly satisfied (I will post the unsolicited thank you email from this customer later).

But really what this post is about is not Nimsoft… is about Apple. This is the time to stand up and show the world that you care about your customers. Give them a free bumper, offer a complete refund, compensate them in some way – give them some store credit. If you provide premium priced products then you have to provide premium support.

Think about it….let’s say 2 million iPhone4 sold….maybe it takes $30 to provide a free bumper or whatever to every customer, that would be $60m which is not even a drop in the ocean for Apple (their stock has lost 7% in the last couple of weeks).

Now, even if Steve paid personally, that would only represent approximately 1% of his net worth – much less than he’s lost from the stock decline maybe.

Do the right thing. Show that you’re human and care about your customers. Don’t let Microsoft execs describes this as “Apple’s Vista” as their COO did yesterday but do it fast otherwise it will be meaningless.

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