In these days of heightened sensitivity to terrorism, if someone mentions that they’ve found a bomb at the airport then we automatically think the worst.

But, in London today, they discovered an unexploded World War II bomb near London City Airport (and near the site of the 2012 Olympics), which shut the airport and caused extreme delays (see below for BBC news).

How do I know this….because of course, a Nimsoft employee was on their way to the airport at the time. Fortunately there is more than one airport in London.

For me, red eye to NY tonight, then on to Texas and then on to Norway next week. Can someone buy me a private jet please….one that is as fuel efficient as my Prius!

Airport reopens after WWII bomb

Flights in and out of London City Airport have resumed after the discovery of a World War II bomb nearby halted services.

But passengers have been warned delays will continue into the evening.

The explosive was found in Stratford, east London, in the site for the 2012 London Olympics, on Tuesday afternoon.

On Monday, thousands of Tube commuters were delayed when another World War II bomb was found by Bromley-by-Bow station in east London.

Earlier in the day an enforced air exclusion zone was set up and all flights were cancelled, delayed or diverted.

Passengers are asked to contact their airline for the latest travel information.

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