Lots of updates

Back to business….we’ve got yet another round of VERY exciting announcements that are going to come out in the next month of so. Yet again, Nimsoft will be pioneering and going places that no monitoring software has gone before. It’s so cool how we can innovate time and time again, and be able to keep pushing the bar higher and higher. Our competitors must wonder how we keep doing it.

Also, thought it might be time to update everyone on life at CA. We are 5 months since we closed and things are looking very positive. We’ve had a few teething items to deal with as we have all got adjusted to each other, but the CA executive team have been magnificent…they said they were going to keep us independent and let us innovate, and they are delivering on that promise.

Our customers have noticed only continued improvement in rate of delivery of new capabilities, enhanced support and still the same Nimsoft that they love. And…I don’t think we’ve lost a single employee since the acquisition was announced.

Talking of employees, it’s our greatest challenge….hiring. We are growing so fast that we’ve got positions available in almost every department. We continue to hire the best and demand the most from them, but if you feel that you are up to the task, please go ahead and contact us. It’s a fun, fun place to be….work hard but really enjoyable.

Talking of working hard, it’s about time I saw the inside of my office. Back on a plane again today for some great prospective customer meetings. In fact, one company that would be such a huge win for us both as a customer and a partner – it’s a great fit for both of us, I hope that they do us the honor of selecting us as their partner.

Finally, I continue to see many vendors making announcements in the Managed Service Provider (MSP) space. Seems as though everyone has started to think that MSPs represent a river of gold. Will be interesting to see how many are still as excited in a year or so. One thing that we’ve learned with MSPs is that they are hyper sensitive to the quality of product and support. Most vendors I am convinced will simply not make the grade. MSPs will not tolerate mediocrity. This is one of the reasons that Nimsoft is clearly established as the leader; we care so much about quality of customer service….this will be interesting to watch.

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