It's the first of July

Meaning that the end of quarter madness is behind us. The big question now is… did we do?

Without giving the game away completely (we have an internal presentation tomorrow and I want the employees to know first).

We did GREAT. Another amazing performance. More brand new customers than ever before. New record revenues in every category. Our MSP business showed tremendous growth plus our end user growth is very strong in both the mid-market and the large enterprise (F500 customers coming on board).

Customer satisfaction continues to be very high; repeat business is at an all time high.

Competitors are being replaced or beaten……..this is all based on Nimsoft delivering unparalleled satisfaction and maximum value to our customers.

A huge thank you to all of our employees and customers who are making this into such an incredible success story.

(Oops, looks like I gave the game away).

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