The CA honeymoon is over….

Tomorrow is the 6 month anniversary of the CA acquisition of Nimsoft closing. Does that mean that the honeymoon period is over? Well in length maybe, but I’ve got to tell you, life at Nimsoft hasn’t changed much. We do have many more engineers than we had before. We do have many more sales reps than we had before. We do have new sales teams in Latin America and Asia Pac that we never had before. And we do have a fancy schmancy VOIP phone system that we didn’t have before. But outside of that….business as usual, just the gas pedal is being pressed a little harder and innovation is flowing faster than ever.

Anyhow, I will blog tomorrow on how the first 6 months has been. It’s not all roses, some internal things to deal with (disruptive? Nimsoft?) but, I can tell you that from a customer perspective is has only got better.

At the time, many customers, prospective customers and competitors that were posing as customers made lots of negative comments about the acquisition. Remember this blog post….52 comments – clearly the most interesting thing that I’d ever done :)

Well, I’d like to invite real customers to post their comments. What has changed for you? Have you detected anything getting worse or better? Let us know how we’re doing….we feel really good about things (we’re not perfect and never will be, but we continue to try as hard as possibe).

For the Nimsoft sales reps, I know that you are busy closing the quarter right now, but please encourage your customers to read this blog post and give us their feedback. We’ll try to filter out the pointless comments from our competitors that are both jealous and afraid at the same time.

More tomorrow….

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