Acquisition and Nimsoft update

I said I was going to write about what is was like being acquired 6 months on, and I will.

But…end of quarter activities have taken over I’m afraid and I am, as usual, completely booked.

We have some amazing customer wins. In the last week alone, we’ve added 8 new Managed Service Provider customers and we’ve got a ton more to do next week.

We’re also launching a new product for Nimsoft next week (28th) which will again see Nimsoft pioneering some of the newest and hottest technology areas around the monitoring of private cloud environments. Big, big opportunity for Service Providers and Enterprises alike. If you’re not signed up already…the webinar is on the 28th.

The other products and updates that we are releasing this quarter are unbelievable. Our engineering team is like a well oiled machine – so many new areas that are coming out, some of them really major enhancements and new capabilities.

Got a long flight back from England to California tomorrow….sounds like a good time to write about the acquisition 6 months on but can you tell that I’m having fun and Nimsoft is flying!

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