Kudos to the Euro team

Heading to Europe next week and if the amount of customer meetings that I’m attending is any indication of success then I’m happy.

Had to change my flights, now going to Norway first, then directly to the Netherlands, then in the UK for a couple of days and heading back to California on Saturday. Rumor has it that I may even be going back to UK again the following week for a day or two as well.

Anyone that knows Nimsoft should know that we are a company that likes to enjoy ourselves as well as doing a great job for our customers. So, holiday parties are already planned in multiple countries, we’re working on our incentive trips for next year and yesterday was the inaugural Thirsty Thursday in California. Nice job to my asst who arranged it….wonder if she’s going to be the new Nimsoft socialite?

It constantly amazes me how productive individuals can be when they are part of a motivated and excited team.

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