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The following article just appeared in the San Francisco Business Times – it could be a little embarrassing in certain areas but then again, it’s not like I’m a politician or something. Have fun…

Friday, September 5, 2008
Gary Read

Co-founder, president and CEO, Nimsoft
San Francisco Business Times

HQ: Redwood City.
2007 revenue: $35 million.
Employees: 165.
Founded: 2002.
Source of startup capital: Personal savings and, in 2007, $10.3 million from JMI Equity and Northzone Ventures.
Background: Born and raised in a suburb of London. Worked a paper route to buy first computer, graduated from high school and started as a programmer for Mastercard. After a series of IT jobs, including stints at Riversoft and BMC, founded Converse Software in 2002, which merged with Nimbus Software in 2004 to form Nimsoft.
Age: 41.
Residence: Los Gatos.
Web site:
What it does: IT infrastructure monitoring.
Big picture

Reason for starting business: I?ve always wanted to start my own business.
Biggest plus of ownership: To be able to build something I can be proud of, but also to have control over things.
Biggest drawback: Stress. I take personally the success of the company.
Biggest misconception: Once you?ve got the business to a certain level, people automatically think you suddenly become very wealthy and work less. It?s quite the reverse.
Biggest business strength: We have a hard work ethic.
Biggest business weakness: I really don?t know how to acknowledge my own limitations.
Biggest risk: Buying Indicative Software in April. We?ve never done an acquisition before, and it?s complicated, but it has gone well.
Biggest mistake: I?ve made some pretty big mistakes in people I?ve hired; it sets you back.
Smartest move: Making the decision to merge with Nimbus and the selection of our investors ? it?s been tremendous.
Biggest worry: Used to be meeting payroll. Maintaining focus as we get larger is what we?re working on now.
Top source of inspiration: Many things. But I?m a very self-motivated person.
Daily routine

Most challenging task: Keeping everyone on the same page.
Favorite task: Talking to and visiting customers. It?s the best thing.
Least favorite task: Firing people. It?s probably the worst thing.
Biggest frustration: There?s always more that you can do. You can never do everything you want.
Source of support in a business crisis: It can be lonely being CEO, but friends and former colleagues listen and give me advice.

Key goal yet to achieve: I?d like Nimsoft to be publicly traded.
First move with capital windfall: I love cars, so I?d probably buy a new Aston Martin.
Five-year plan: To grow dramatically and become the leading company in the industry.
Inducement to sell: I don?t think it?s going to happen anytime soon.
First choice for new career or venture: I have a ton of ideas for new businesses, it?s all about building something.

Most-admired entrepreneur: (Virgin founder) Richard Branson, of course.
Most interested in meeting: I?m boring, but I?d like to meet Steve Jobs.
Stress reducers: Running, it?s good thinking time.
Favorite pastimes: I have three kids.
Favorite book: Classic English reads like Thomas Harding or Jane Austen.
Favorite films: (Anything with) James Bond.
Favorite restaurant: (Anyplace) with nachos.
Favorite destination: Best city in the world is London, only when the weather is good.
What?s on my iPod: A lot of high-energy dance music, it gets me going.
What I Drive: A 2006 gold Prius.

?Tony C. Yang

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